5 Tips for Cleaning Your Windshield

cleaning your windshield

A dirty windshield isn’t just unsightly. It lowers visibility while driving and could lead to a major collision. Taking the time and cleaning your windshield might not be your idea of fun. Still, it’s a lot more fun than crashing your vehicle and needing a car windshield replacement or RV windshield replacement. Here are some tips to make cleaning your windshield as painless as possible.

1.      Before Cleaning Your Windshield

There are a few things to do before really getting started cleaning. This includes removing any significant debris cluttering your windshield. Things like splatters, bird droppings, gunk from old stickers should all be removed before you bring out your glass cleaner, which will likely just smear them around.

2.      Clean the Outside First

It’s important to clean both the interior and exterior of your windshield. The exterior is usually the dirtier of the two sides and is where you should start. If not, it’s going to be impossible to tell if you’re cleaning the inside properly, as you’ll only be able to see the dirt on the outside.

3.      Avoiding Streaks

When cleaning your windshield, the main thing you want to avoid is streaks. They’re unsightly, distracting, and cut down on visibility. The key to preventing them is to have the right tools for the job. Avoid paper towels. Use a microfiber cloth that won’t leave anything behind. Use a designated automotive glass cleaning solution, not a household glass cleaner.

4.      Apply a Protective Coating

Once the exterior of your windshield is clean, you could consider applying a protective coating. These coatings are hydrophobic, meaning water rolls right off. This prevents streaks, keeping the water in the form of drops that roll right off. The coating also keeps snow and ice from holding a firm grip on your windshield, making removal a breeze. This step will also improve bad weather visibility, keeping you safe and possibly avoiding expensive repairs like commercial windshield replacement or truck windshield replacement.

5.      Keeping Oily Film from Building Up

Some drivers have likely noticed that an oily film gradually builds up on the interior of their windshield. This film reduces visibility and is challenging to clean. Smoking in the car is the most common cause. The use of oil-based cleaning products on the dash and other interior surfaces of the vehicle can also lead to a buildup. The vinyl dash covers also eventually give off fumes that, over time, result in an oily film forming.