5 Vehicle Gas Tips

Vehicle Gas Tips

Gasoline prices have been moving north in recent months and are unlikely to come down if the historical oil trend is anything to go by. The following vehicle gas tips will help you achieve better fuel economy. You can go a little further, save on fuel costs, or save some money for other use by achieving better mileage on a tank.

1. Properly Inflated Tires

Check your car manufacturer’s instructions in this regard. You can find this information on the tire itself as well as on the driver’s door placard. This data informs what optimal tire pressure should be maintained.

Do not try to overinflate the tires, or it will cause rolling resistance in place of drag resistance which is the case when the tires are not inflated properly. With properly inflated tires, you will also avoid faster wear and tear of the tires’ tread.

2. Remove Unnecessary Weight

You may want to carry lots of useful items with you expecting to need them in some situations. However, are they necessary when you are moving within the city? Remove all those items that you are unlikely to need when driving.

If you can manage with other options, there is no need to carry those items all the time. When you need help when stranded, you can call for help from your family members or a professional vehicle assistance service company. Install only lightweight seats and other parts in the car.

3. Avoid Using Air Conditioner When the Weather Is Tolerable

One of the best money-saving vehicle gas tips. Your car air conditioner runs indirectly on gas which is used to run the engine, which in turn powers the AC. If the weather permits it and you do not feel that uncomfortable, keep the AC shut off. It will also help you get some fresh air and avoid recirculated internal air that is harmful to your health.

4. Buy a Car That Offers Higher Fuel Economy

You may be tempted to buy one of those fuel-guzzling monstrous SUVs that look impressive on the roads. However, they are inefficient and consume fuel like there is no tomorrow. They are useful if you regularly travel with many family members or other people. However, if most of the time the vehicle is used only by 1 or 2 persons, it is better to go with a car that offers high fuel economy.

This option may not be possible if you already have a vehicle, but keep in mind this fact when you buy your next car.

5. Shut off the Engine When Stuck in Traffic or Waiting to Park

If you are stuck in a traffic jam and expect the vehicles in front of you not to move for more than a minute, it is better to turn off the engine. Similarly, if you are waiting in your vehicle on the roadside to pick up someone or to park, switch off the engine if the wait lasts more than a minute. These small fuel savings add up over time and help save a significant amount of fuel every year.

Use all these vehicle gas tips to save fuel and money. You can install a driver feedback device to get information about your driving habits and gasoline usage. The latest vehicles incorporate such systems in the vehicle’s telematics system. Use information from these systems to improve your fuel economy.