What are the Causes of Auto Glass Damage?

auto glass damage

When we think of problems that can happen to our cars, we often think of damage to the transmission or engine, but we rarely consider auto glass. Windshields and windows in your car serve a very important purpose. They protect you from the elements while you travel at high speeds while allowing you to see.

This means that auto glass damage can pose a significant safety risk by potentially exposing you to the elements or shattering. As it is not often considered, most people don’t know what typically causes most of these problems. Knowing these causes can help you spot damage early preventing disastrous results.

What Creates Auto Glass Damage?

1.     Pebbles and Assorted Debris

Perhaps the most common cause of auto glass damage are rocks, pebbles, and other assorted debris dislodged by either your tires or those of the motorists around you. While driving dislodged small items land on the windshield causing dents and cracks that eventually spiderweb out and cause shattering as stress is placed on the fractures.

2.     Temperature Fluctuations Directly Applied to Glass

During the winter auto glass technicians get calls from motorists who tried to get rid of ice on their shield quickly with hot water. As extreme temperature changes in the weather damage auto glass, so does cause the fluctuation yourself.

Applying hot water to frozen glass will cause it to shatter at worst and weaken the structural integrity at best.

3.     Extreme Weather

Extreme weather causes auto glass damage by debris gathered by storms such as falling tree branches, hail, ice pellets, and high winds. While no windshield can survive a tree branch slamming into it, higher-quality glass can withstand heavy rain and hail better than its poorer quality counterparts.

4.     Collisions and Other Accidents

Whether it’s an accident with another car, an animal, or some other item, colliding with anything at high speeds results in damage, including windshield damage. Even if you walk away from the accident with seeming little or no damage, it’s best to get your auto glass checked by professionals.

5.     Poor Quality Glass

Poor-quality glass is more susceptible to damage from any cause than its higher-quality counterparts. You can ensure that your glass is high quality by getting your windshield installed by auto glass specialists who know their craft.

6.     Incorrect Installations

An incorrectly installed windshield is likely to become damaged by leaks, cracks, and even popping out. You want to ensure that you let the resin and sealant cure and have auto glass technicians install the windshield.

7.     Improper Cleaning

Using cleaners such developed for glass but not auto glass can result in a more subtle form of streaks and marks that never go away. Though this may not seem to be a big deal, it often results in marks that obscure vision.

Recognize and Address Auto Glass Damage

Auto glass damage is a problem that can become expensive and dangerous if left unaddressed. High-Tech Auto Glass has highly trained auto glass technicians that have served happy customers for over a decade. Prevent and fix windhsield damage with the best windshield replacement in Pheonix, AZ.