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Auto glass repair Phoenix AZ – 3 Tips for a Safe Ride

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Getting auto glass repair in Phoenix AZ likely put a bit of a hitch into your schedule. If you take a few steps afterward, you can avoid having another replacement unnecessarily soon. Windshields need a little extra care right after a replacement. Follow these tips to keep your windshield in the best condition possible.

Avoid Going Through the Carwash Right Away

It’s tempting to take your fresh new glass through a spiffy automatic carwash to really bring out the shine. You should hold off a few days, though, as a carwash can damage your new windshield. Ideally, you should hold off for three days, and it’s absolutely critical that you don’t go within the first 24 hours. Most carwashes use high-pressure water to blast off the dirt. This can damage the seal around the edge of your windshield, which has not fully set after the replacement. Don’t worry about the car getting rained on. It’s the pressure, not the moisture that affects the seals.

Drive Cautiously

Windshield replacements take some time to set, and you want to go easy on them for a while. If you’ve had your windshield replacement in Phoenix AZ recently, avoid dirt or gravel roads that have a higher chance of rock chips. It would help if you kept off the freeway when possible, as the wind pressure at high speeds could affect the seal. If some specific event damaged your windshield at a particular place, consider avoiding that place in case of a repeat.

A Few Tips to Avoid Needing Another Auto Glass repair in Phoenix AZ

After your car windshield replacement, there are a few smaller items you could do to maintain the windshield in optimum condition. You should leave the retention tape on your vehicle for at least a full day. This tape makes sure your windshields moldings don’t shift. It might not look pretty, but it makes sure your windshield sets properly. You could also keep one of your car’s windows open to avoid a pressure differential across the windshield. This is especially important for larger surface windshields, such as after a truck windshield replacement or RV windshield replacement.