The 4 Ways Professional Auto Glass Replacement in Phoenix Could be More Affordable Than You Thought

auto glass replacement in phoenix

Auto glass replacement in Phoenix can be a major expense. Nobody likes to face the fact that they need to replace their windshield. However, ignoring the truth can make it more expensive in the long run and makes driving your vehicle more dangerous. Certain factors make your windshield replacement more affordable than it seems, like an auto glass repair lifetime warranty.

Auto Glass Replacement in Phoenix Warranties

High-tech auto glass stands behind their auto glass replacement in Phoenix with a lifetime warranty. This warranty covers problems caused by faulty installation and faulty parts. You can rest easy knowing that your windshield replacement isn’t going to incur unforeseen costs later on. Any installation issues like wind and water leaks and certain stress cracks are covered. Of course, problems caused by pre-existing rust or structural damage and collisions aren’t covered by this warranty.

Favorable Phoenix Insurance Regulations

While collision damage isn’t covered under your warranty, it very well could be covered by your insurance. In the state of Arizona, the insurance laws are firmly in favor of drivers. Comprehensive and collision policies must cover auto glass replacements. If your windshield has been damaged in a crash, we can contact your insurance provider on your behalf to make sure you’re getting what you are legally guaranteed.

Cash Back on Windshield Replacements

Your auto glass replacement in Phoenix could make you eligible for our cashback offer. Qualifying replacements that go through insurance can qualify for up to $300 cashback. This is cash in your pocket as you walk out the door. There isn’t any deductible on auto glass replacements through Arizona insurance either, so you really are profiting from this cashback offer.

Any Alternatives are More Expensive in the Long Run

A professional windshield replacement in Phoenix really is the only sure-fire way to go. You might be able to find a friend of a friend offering to do the job for less. However, you’re getting less for your money. Without certification and the right tools for the job, amateurs can cost you money when you need another replacement a few months down the road.

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