Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix

Auto glasses are an essential feature of your car. They are designed in such a way that they can withstand impacts better than standard window glasses. When an auto glass is damaged, it is crucial to replace it as soon as possible to avoid any safety risks.

What is the best auto glass replacement? It depends on the make and model of your car, the type of glass you want to install, and your budget. High-Tech Auto Glass in Phoenix, AZ, will help you choose the best glass for your car. Our trained and experienced auto glass replacement Phoenix technicians deliver on the promise every time.

OEM Auto Glass

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM auto glass is made by a top glass manufacturing company according to the strict specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. When you buy this glass, you are assured it will meet all the glass specifications of your car manufacturing company. This windshield will fit the vehicle correctly and have the best quality you can get in the market.

Vehicle manufacturers always advise their buyers to use OEM parts as it helps avoid many problems that create safety risks or compromise the quality and integrity of other car parts. An OEM auto glass replacement Phoenix option is better, but it is sometimes a more expensive choice. We at High-Tech Auto Glass prefer installing OEM windshields because they meet the standards set by the car manufacturers.

Aftermarket Auto Glasses

Also called OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) windshields – are made by glass manufacturers that do not have authorization from the vehicle companies. Sometimes, these glasses offer the same quality as OEM auto windshields, but at other times they do not have that level of quality.

A significant advantage of this type of glass is that it can be cheaper compared to OEM auto glass. Use this glass if you are looking for an affordable option. We will help you select the best quality aftermarket auto glass for your car.

Sometimes, this windshield may be the only option for an old model vehicle that has gone out of production or for a foreign car that does not have an authorized spare parts supplier in your area.

How to Select the Best Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix Solution?

Pay attention to the quality of the glass. It should match the specifications set by your vehicle manufacturer so make sure you get your windshield replaced by trained auto glass technicians. Improperly installed auto glasses can become loose quickly.

While an OEM auto glass is the best choice, you can select an aftermarket windshield if a good quality glass in this category is available. Our auto glass technicians will replace your windshield as per the specifications set by your vehicle manufacturer.

Auto glasses installed by us comply with all auto standards. Claim your 300$ cash back on some auto glass replacement Phoenix products.

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