Beware of Windshield Scams: A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Yourself

How Do I Get My Windshield Re-Calibrated?

Windshield scams are an unfortunate reality that car owners and even rental car users must be cautious of. Scammers use various creative methods to take advantage of unsuspecting victims, from car dealers and insurance fraud to more obscure scams involving identity theft, parking tickets, and even potential car theft and kidnapping hoaxes. we believe in empowering our customers and website visitors with knowledge to protect themselves. This comprehensive guide aims to educate you about common windshield scams, their red flags, and practical tips to avoid falling victim to these deceptive practices.

Car Dealer Windshield Scams:

Car dealers have been notorious for taking advantage of customers to maximize their profits. Some common scams involve overcharging for VIN etching (Vehicle Identification Number) and using bogus maintenance to inflate costs.

VIN Etching Scams:

Dealers charge exorbitant prices for VIN etching, which can be done inexpensively. Always verify costs and research services offered before agreeing to any deals.

Bogus Maintenance Scams:

Dealers may overcharge for windshield service items like wipers or windshield washer fluid. Familiarize yourself with maintenance needs and costs to avoid unnecessary charges.

Identity Theft Windshield Scams (Fake Tickets):

Scammers use fake parking tickets or other violations to direct victims to fraudulent websites to collect personal information. Verify ticket information and consult official city departments if uncertain.

Insurance Windshield Scams:

Scammers submit exaggerated or false claims to insurance companies to collect money while providing minimal service. Be cautious of aggressive advertising and verify the claim process.

Parking Lot, Door-to-door, and Phone Windshield Scams:

These scams involve scammers offering free windshield services to collect insurance information and later submit false claims. Beware of aggressive tactics and verify claim procedures.

Parking Ticket Windshield Scams (Pay Somebody Else’s Ticket):

Scammers place parking tickets on windshields, hoping the victim will unknowingly pay for someone else’s ticket. Always verify the ticket details and ensure it matches your vehicle.

Rental Car Company Windshield Scams:

Rental car companies may blame customers for pre-existing windshield damage and charge for unnecessary repairs. Document the car’s condition with photos before rental to dispute false claims.

Windshield Washer Scams:

Scammers aggressively wash windshields at traffic stops and demand payment for their “service.” Avoid tipping and report aggressive behavior to authorities if needed.

Car Theft Windshield Scams (Fake $100 Bill on Windshield) [Possible Urban Legend]:

This potential hoax involves placing an interesting item like fake money on a windshield to lure drivers out of their cars for theft. Remain cautious and stay in your car if you encounter something suspicious.

Kidnapping Windshield Scams (Fake Free Jewelry on Windshield) [Possible Hoax]:

A potential hoax involving placing free jewelry on a windshield to initiate kidnapping attempts. While some reports suggest it, its validity remains unverified. Exercise caution and report any suspicious activity to authorities.


Beware of windshield scams and stay vigilant while driving or using rental cars. Understanding common tactics scammers employ and being proactive in verifying information can protect you from falling victim to their deceptive schemes.  we prioritize our customers’ safety and well-being, and we encourage you to stay informed and share this knowledge to protect others from windshield scams.

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