All You Need to Know about your Broken Side Window Repair

broken side window repair

A broken side window isn’t quite as serious as a broken windshield, but the situation could still be dangerous. You should head into a licensed shop for a broken side window repair as soon as possible, but there are a few steps you should take beforehand.

Clean Up Before Your Broken Side Window Repair

First, clean up the broken glass from the window. Take your time and do so carefully, while wearing gloves. Most modern vehicles have laminated glass side windows, much like your car’s windshield. This should prevent any dangerous shards from forming during the break. At the very least, the side window will be tempered glass, which also prevents shards. Don’t leave any pieces lying around, inside or outside of your car.

Install a Temporary Window Covering

Driving with a broken side window isn’t as much of a safety issue as driving with a broken windshield. A windshield is part of your vehicle’s structure, so driving before a car windshield replacement or truck windshield replacement is inadvisable. Covering your side window will prevent excessive wind and exposure to the weather while driving. Keep in mind that your temporary covering isn’t going to stop any burglars, just the rain.

To cover up the window, first, clean around the edge to allow for better adhesion. A thick garbage bag often makes a sufficient temporary cover, but other thick sheet plastics will do. Align the bag with the window frame and keep it in place with some masking tape. Once the bag is in place, start to apply longer strips of tape around the edge. Keep the bag pulled tight during this process. If the bag is loose, it could flap excessively while driving and tear. If you’re going to have to wait a few days for your broken side window repair, add another layer on the inside of the window.

How Do They Do It?

Once you’ve taken your vehicle to the shop, replacing the window is a straightforward process. They remove the interior door panel to allow access to the mechanisms within. A new window is installed and aligned with the power or manual window controls. After a quick test to ensure it’s working correctly, you’re out the door. This is a quick fix for any auto glass shop, much simpler than a heavy-duty job like an RV windshield replacement or commercial windshield replacement.

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