Here’s What You Need to Know About Car Window Repair

car window repair

The bulk of auto glass repairs are windshield repairs and replacements. Because the windshield is at the front, it’s more likely to be damaged by rocks and other debris. While less common, car window repair is just as necessary, and you want to be sure it’s done right.

The Different Types of Car Window Repair

Car window repair typically refers to either the side windows or the rear window. The repairs are generally less urgent than windshield repair, as the windshield plays a much greater safety role. However, putting off repairs of small chips or cracks can lead to the need for a full replacement down the line. No matter what type, auto glass repairs should be dealt with as soon as possible. Choose a professional shop that offers an auto glass repair lifetime warranty for these important repairs.

Laminated and Tempered Glass

Windshields are always laminated glass, two pieces of glass held together by a laminate layer in the center. Side windows can be either laminated or tempered glass. Tempered glass is heat-treated to provide a harder surface. It also breaks into many tiny pieces when broken to prevent large shards from forming. This makes a mess to clean up, but it’s much safer than the alternative. When laminated glass breaks, the broken pieces are held together by the laminate layer.

What to Do When Your Side Window is Broken

Unlike with broken windshields, it’s generally safe to drive a vehicle without a side window into the shop. If the window has completely shattered, carefully clean up the broken pieces. Some are likely inside the door, but the shop can handle that. You can cover the window with strips of clear packing tape or clear plastic to keep out the elements until you get it to the shop.

Insurance and Your Car Window Repair

Damaged side windows are often the result of either vandalism or collisions. Depending on your policy, these repairs are likely covered in full. If vandalism or a collision was the cause, make sure to file a police report before seeking your car window repair. You can trust High-Tech Auto Glass to contact your insurance provider on your behalf to make sure you get the full benefits of your policy.