how to Defrost a Windshield?

Defrost a Windshield
Well, it’s here. Winter. We can look forward to long, dark nights, cold, shoveling, and the bane to the existence of any modern person, frost on the windshield. No one looks forward to spending their mornings in the cold scraping ice off their windshields. Save the time and effort for what matters to you and learn how to defrost a windshield.

1)    Defrost a Windshield by Turning on your Car

Starting the car is a great method that can defrost a windshield from the inside out. The heat from inside the car will warm the auto glass.  This will soften the frost, if not outright melt it, and you should be able to easily remove it.

2)    Spray with Lukewarm Water

Lukewarm, this is very important as hot water risks rapidly heating the frozen glass, causing it to shatter. By spraying the windshield with lukewarm spray, you warm the ice softening it. Once this is done it should be easy to remove gently with your scraper and brush.

3)    De-Icing Spray

Use a commercial or DYI de-icing spray to defrost a windshield.  They help dissolve the frost on the windshield making it easier to remove. Professionally made de-icing sprays are formulated for auto glass and pass rigorous testing. Though it can be made by mixing isopropyl alcohol and water or water and salter. This is much cheaper and will have a similar effect. If you are using a DYI de-icing spray, use a spray bottle. In both cases of a spray or simply lukewarm water, you should never dump water onto your windshield to avoid damage.

4)    Use a Combination of these Methods to Defrost a Windshield

You can easily defrost a windshield by combining these methods. Start your car and allow it to warm to allow it to thaw. If you’re able to start your car remotely, it gives you a head start, meaning less work to scrape. Also handy for melting the outer layer of snow. While your car is heating up spray with either lukewarm water or your de-icing spray. After exposure to both, the frost should be easily removed.

5)     Call your Auto Glass Workshop

Knowing how to defrost a windshield quickly and properly will save you a lot of grief this winter, but as with other aspects of your car, it’s also good to get your auto glass checked. Dents, chips, and other deformities are likely to worsen due to the expanding and contraction of the glass in cold weather. Getting your windshield inspected saves you nasty surprises in the dead of winter. They will know whether the windshield is good to go or if it needs repair or replacement. A visit to your Auto Glass Workshop can also provide you with an anti-frost treatment such as Aquapel to reduce or avoid moisture accumulation completely, saving you from a winter of scraping.

Make your Winter Easier with these 5 Great Tips to Defrost a Windshield

Use these tips to get through the winter and get on with your day. Save that time you would be scraping for extra minutes of shut-eye or a cuppa in the morning. Defrost a windshield with these tips and take on the day.