Getting Cashback for Truck Windshield Replacement Phoenix AZ

truck windshield replacement phoenix az

Windshield replacements can be a significant expense for most drivers. This is even more true for those who drive trucks. Compared to a car windshield replacement, a truck windshield replacement Phoenix AZ can be much more expensive. This is due to the simple fact that truck windshields are larger than car windshields. Commercial vehicle or RV windshield replacement could be even more costly. Windshields need to bear a lot of wind pressure at highway speeds. Larger windshields need to be stronger than smaller ones to account for the increased area under pressure. This stacks up quickly hen you consider truck windshields are both taller and wider than car windshields.

Going Through Insurance for Your Truck Windshield Replacement Phoenix AZ

Insurance regulations vary wildly from state to state. Luckily for the citizens of Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas, Arizona state law is favorable when it comes to windshield replacement. Arizona state law mandates that all comprehensive insurance policies cover windshield replacements with no deductible. Even comprehensive policies that have deductibles for other repairs cannot apply a deductible to a windshield replacement.

The climate in Arizona is hostile to windshields, a driving factor behind this insurance regulation. Extreme heat and shifts in temperature are hard on windshields, and rock damage is common. This regulation only applies to comprehensive policies, not liability-only policies. If you aren’t familiar with insurance claims, we can help. High-Tech Auto Glass will contact your insurance provider and help determine if your replacement will be covered.

Up to $300 Cashback

When you’re looking for truck windshield replacement Phoenix AZ, consider High-Tech Auto Glass and our up to $300 cashback offer. If your insurance covers your windshield replacement, you could be eligible to receive up to $300 in cash that same day. Instead of paying for your windshield replacement out of pocket, you could find yourself paying no deductible and walking out of our shop with up to $300. Call us today, and we’ll be happy to contact your insurance provider to determine if you qualify for this offer. This offer isn’t just for truck windshield replacement, any vehicle auto glass replacement could potentially be eligible.