How are the Front Windshield Glass Different From Your Rear Windshield Glass

rear windshield glass

People usually associate auto glass repair with front windshields, not rear windshields. However, rear windshield glass presents unique considerations for repairs and replacements. The glass is different, the common sources of damage are different, and the replacement process is different.

Rear Windshield Glass Isn’t the Same as Front Windshield Glass

Rear windshield glass is another type altogether from the familiar laminated glass of the front windshield. The front windshield is, in fact, two panes of glass, with a vinyl layer in between. This means the windshield stays in one piece even if it is severely damaged. Rear windshields are tempered glass. This glass is strong but can break. When it breaks, it shatters into many small pieces. This is intentional, as it prevents large and dangerous shards from forming.

Special Features for Rear Windshields

Some might think that rear windshield replacement would be cheaper than car windshield replacement in Phoenix, but that often isn’t the case. Rear windows often have unique features. Notably, a defrost grid. These are the thin lines you see on the window. They are painted on with conductive paint that functions the same as a wire in any other heating element. As electricity runs through the paint, it heats up and defrosts the windshield.

How Rear Windshields Get Damaged

Rock chips from vehicles in front of you are a common cause for truck windshield replacement in Phoenix, but what causes damage to rear windshield glass? Accidents are, of course, a major cause. Any major collision to the rear of the vehicle can cause the glass to shatter. Vandalism is another common cause. Rock chips aren’t very common because they’re generally coming head-on.

Repairing Rear Windshield Glass

A rear window isn’t as important as the front windshield. Of course, you’ll need to be able to see through your rearview mirror when driving or backing up, but you don’t need the same visibility as in the front. It also isn’t a significant structural component like a front windshield. This means that you can get away with putting off minor repairs more so than with the front, but remember that damage will worsen over time.