How to Avoid Windshield Damage?

Avoid Windshield Damage

A windshield made of glass is more vulnerable to breakage and damage compared to a car body made of sheet metal. The glass suffers chip damage when small stone pieces thrown at high speed by the tires of front vehicles hit it. This can result in a crack that cannot be repaired, and the glass must be replaced. You can avoid windshield damage and its expensive replacement by taking the following precautions.

Maintain a Safe Distance from Front Cars while Driving on Roads

Roads are made of different materials, including aggregates that include stone pieces. The heavy pressure of vehicles and abrasive effects of tires running on these roads at high speed can be harsh and result in the road’s stone pieces becoming loose. This is how ruts and potholes are formed on roads. The loose stone pieces lying on roads are thrown at high velocity by the tires of running vehicles.

It doesn’t mean large stone pieces will hit and damage your windshield. These pieces can be pretty small and not easily noticeable. When such stone pieces hit the windshield regularly, the glass develops micro pits and weakens. It becomes vulnerable to breakage even from light impacts. Keep a safe distance from the front vehicles, especially from large trucks, when driving on roads.

Keep Tight All Joints to Avoid Windshield Damage

When joined parts of the car become loose, they create vibrations while driving. The more the vibration, the more it will affect the glass. The frame of the windshield should be tightly secured. If the rubber gasket of the windshield frame has deteriorated, you should get it replaced. If you start hearing some rattling noise while driving, it indicates that some loose joint needs tightening.

Drive like a Seasoned Driver

Some drivers are in the habit of braking and accelerating harshly. Impatient drivers rush over speed bumps without caring for their car. Such rough driving habits impact the car parts, including the windshield. The glass undergoes more stress in these conditions than what it is designed to handle. Drive at a smooth pace, come to a halt slowly (except in an emergency), and pick up speed gradually and smoothly.

Get the Windshield Repaired in Time

You have seen some damage on the windshield, but you are ignoring the minor pits because they seem insignificant. However, they are the precursors to cracks. Small chip damages to the windshields should be repaired as soon as possible to maintain the integrity of the glass.

Park in a Shaded Area

Avoid leaving your vehicle under the blazing hot sun. Extreme hot temperatures cause the glass to expand. It contracts when the car comes back to a shaded or cool area. If this process happens too often, it impacts the integrity of the glass. It will no longer be as strong as it was when new. Whenever possible, park your vehicle in a shaded area.

Inspect your windshield regularly for chips and minor cracks. Get them repaired in time, or they will become the reason your windshield cracks at the next impact. Be gentle with your vehicle and avoid slamming its doors, rushing over speed bumps, and keeping it under the hot sun. These precautions will help you avoid windshield damage, and this auto glass will last long.