How To Clean Your Car During COVID-19?

how to clean your car during covid-19

COVID-19 has made people more aware of how well they clean the surfaces they use every day. Vehicles are a source of close and prolonged contact for many people. While it would be best to avoid driving together these days, it just isn’t possible for everyone. Keeping your car appropriately cleaned and disinfected is a step in the right direction. If you’re wondering how to clean your car during COVID-19, you might already have some of the right supplies around your home.

Custom Cleaning Solutions

The interior of your car can hold up against the messes you would expect inside of a vehicle. It’s not as durable as the counters and floors in your home, that can withstand just about any cleaning product under the sun. You can pick up specific car interior cleaning products wherever you go for your car windshield replacement or truck windshield replacement. These products are just the right amount of tough to clean without damaging your car’s interior.

Disinfect with Alcholol

Alcohol solutions have seen wide use during the pandemic due to the germ-killing qualities of alcohol. This is the same stuff you find in hand sanitizer gel. Any alcohol solution of at least 70 percent will sanitize surfaces. It’s also safe for most interior surfaces in modern vehicles. You can wipe down any frequently touched surfaces, like the steering wheel, dash, and radio controls. Wipe down the interior of your windshield with a non-scratching cloth. These are available wherever you would get an RV windshield replacement or commercial windshield replacement.

Products to Avoid When Choosing How to Clean Your Car During COVID-19

If you’re looking for how to clean your car during COVID-19, there are a few household products that you should avoid. Bleach is widely used indoors but isn’t suitable for your vehicle. It will definitely wipe out any viral particles on surfaces, but it will almost certainly damage those surfaces. It will stain upholstery and could discolor other surfaces. Ammonia is also a poor choice, as many surfaces in your car have anti-glare coatings that could be damaged by this harsh cleaner.

Go With the Tried and True Solution

Soap and water are something you’re sure to have around the house. Just like washing your hands, the soap and water will break down viral particles on the surfaces of your car. Be sure to scrub well and let soap stay on surfaces for a little while to ensure proper sanitization.