Easy Steps to fix your Broken Car Window

Broken Car Window, how to fix a broken car window,

Seeing your broken car window is distressing. The steps you take after seeing your car in this condition will depend on the reason for the glass breakage. Suppose the window was broken accidentally by a family member, guest or neighbor, and you don’t want police and insurance actions. In that case, you can move to the glass covering and replacement steps immediately.

However, if it’s a break-in by a vandal or thief, you should first report it to the police and your insurance agency. Sometimes though, you may not want to call your auto insurance provider.

If the Car Window Was Broken Accidentally

Take stock of the extent of the damage. If the damage is limited to cracks and the glass did not break any further, you’re saved home from the cleaning process. If the damage has resulted in glass shards all over, then you’ve first to clean the car’s interior and the outside area near the broken window to remove the glass pieces.

A vacuum cleaner may not be powerful enough to lift large glass pieces. Wear safety gloves if the glass pieces require removal by hands. You don’t have to clean any outside area if it’s a public or commercial place. You should report to the commercial center’s management before leaving the site.

Cover the broken window glass if you don’t plan to take your vehicle to the auto glass replacement company immediately. This temporary solution will prevent dust, insects, and pests from entering your car. Use a thick plastic sheet and tapes to cover the broken car window.

Visit an auto glass replacement company as soon as possible for the safe removal of broken glass and its replacement.

If the Glass Was Broken in a Break-in Attempt

Take stock of the damage without touching anything. Are your valuables kept inside the car missing? Do you want to report the incident to the police and your auto insurance company? Ideally, you should report to both agencies, but keep in mind that insurance reporting can increase your auto insurance rate in the future, so decide accordingly.

It’s essential to record the damage evidence. Take photos and video on your mobile phone to record the evidence of the break-in. Take pictures from different angles and distances.

A police officer may arrive at the spot to prepare the report, or you may be advised to visit the nearest police station. In the case of the latter, you may be advised to take a ride in another vehicle to reach the police station, leaving your damaged car at the spot. Call your insurance company to know what to do next.

Once this reporting process is complete, you’ll be allowed to clean and move your vehicle.

Follow the same cleaning and glass covering steps as given above before moving the car.

Replacing the Broken Car Window Glass

Once any initial formality required in this process is complete, bring your car to the auto glass replacement center near you.

We at High-Tech Auto Glass offer the services of professional auto glass technicians. We will suggest several replacement glass options based on the glass brands, budget, and your car model. The glass you select will be installed immediately. Follow the above reporting and cleaning steps, and bring your vehicle to the High-Tech Auto Glass for the best window glass replacement service.

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