A windshield replacement can be a sudden expense that many drivers aren’t prepared for, luckily there are ways to get cashback on windshield replacement.

Insurance Providers and Windshield Replacement

Automotive insurance policies can be complicated and unintuitive. It’ common for vehicle owners to be unaware of the intricacies of their policy, only finding out where it falls short the hard way. Car windshield replacement is one of the areas that drivers are rightfully concerned about insuring. Those looking for a truck windshield replacement or RV windshield replacement are likely to have more involved and less ambiguous insurance policies. Auto glass repair businesses have a lot of experience with insurance providers and will be able to tell you if you’re covered. Some even handle the claims themselves and can offer cashback on windshield replacement.

Windshield Replacement Insurance in Arizona

Insurance standards and practices can vary widely from state to state and are often a major source of confusion. In Arizona, there are three types of automotive insurance. Liability insurance is the most basic, insuring the driver against damage they do to the vehicle or property of others. Collision insurance covers damage to the driver’s own car during a collision. Comprehensive insurance covers essentially any damage to your vehicle. Windshield replacement is covered unambiguously by comprehensive insurance and also by collision insurance if the damage is from a collision. You should also know that you have the legal right in Arizona to choose where to have your windshield replaced during an insurance claim.

Cashback on Windshield Replacement in Phoenix

All these nuances, when dealing with insurance providers, can be overwhelming to the average driver. At High-Tech Auto Glass, we will contact your insurance provider ourselves. On qualifying windshield replacement insurance claims, we are offering up to $300 cashback to our customers. This can help give you peace of mind during what could otherwise have been a significant setback. We also direct bill insurance providers, further simplifying the process for our customers. Please call us today, and we would be happy to help you determine if your insurance claim qualifies for cashback on windshield replacement.

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