4 Surprising Ways How to Replace Auto Glass Windshield On Your Own Could Spell Disaster

how to replace auto glass windshield

Auto glass repairs and replacements are specialized tasks best left to certified technicians. If you try figuring out how to replace auto glass windshield yourself, there could be unforeseen consequences later down the road. Although everything might seem fine once you’ve replaced your windshield, even small mistakes could lead to big problems without warning.

How to Replace Auto Glass Windshield With the Right Pressure

In order to properly bond and seal, the installer must apply pressure carefully and evenly against the windshield. Too little pressure can lead to the glass not staying in place or small leaks in the seal that will allow moisture through. Too much pressure can be even worse because an inexperienced installer can break the windshield. This kind of mistake will surely wipe out any savings you made doing it yourself.

You Need the Right Tools for the Job

Auto glass repair requires specialized equipment and the training needed to operate that equipment. The overwhelming majority of people will not have the right tools to fix a cracked windshield in Phoenix, AZ. There is a unique cutting tool used to remove the old windshield, the heavy-duty suction cups used to carry and move windshields, the specialized windshield adhesive caulking gun, and of course, personal protective equipment.

Getting the Right Glass

You need to make sure you have the right windshield for your vehicle. You can trust a reliable auto glass shop to provide OEM glass that will often carry a warranty guaranteeing quality and durability. If you’re trying to save money by replacing your own windshield, you will have likely bought your glass from a discount dealer of some kind. It’s sometimes difficult to tell if a windshield is used or new. You could be receiving an already used and stressed windshield.

Improper Auto Glass Installation is a Safety Issue

Installing your windshield wrong isn’t just going to be a major inconvenience that sets you back a few hundred dollars. It could lead to serious injuries during a collision. The windshield is a structural element of your vehicle, bearing specific loads and forces during rollovers. If you try winging how to replace auto glass windshield on your own, you are at considerably more significant risk of injury if your vehicle overturns.