How to Replace Wiper Blades?

Replace Wiper Blades

All moving parts undergo wear and tear and require repair or replacement at some point in time. Worn-out wiper blades usually require replacement because repairing them is impossible – they are small and cheap items that last long. Replace wiper blades if they are worn out and not doing their job well. Maintaining good visibility on the front windshield is necessary to ensure the highest level of safety while driving.

How Do You Know Your Wiper Blades Require Replacement?

You will start seeing streaks on the windshield that should not be there after running the wipers. The windscreen will not look clean as it should be. How long the wipers last depend on several factors, including how many times and in what environmental conditions they are used. Wipers made of poor-quality materials will not last long. Replace them if they have stopped cleaning optimally or are broken due to an accident.

If you have started hearing squeaking noises when operating the wipers, it indicates some problems. If the problem is worn-out wiper blades, it is time to replace them and solve the problem.

When replacing wiper blades, keep a towel to wipe away any dirt, grime, and oily deposit you see during this process. Keep a towel on the windshield to protect the glass from the wiper arm if it accidentally hits it hard during this replacement process. You will avoid any damage to your delicate windshield with this precaution. Do not put your weight on the windshield during this replacement process.

Choose the Right Wipers

Once you have decided to replace the wiper blades, choosing good quality wipers that will last long and not damage the glass surface is essential. Buy products from a reputable brand that guarantees quality.

How to Replace Wiper Blades?

1. Keep Your New Wiper Blades Ready

This way, you will avoid fiddling with the packaging removal process after removing the old wipers. Take the new wipers from their packaging and keep them near you when removing the old ones.

2. Release the Lock to Remove the Old Wiper from Its Stand

Check the wiper carefully, and you will find a locking mechanism that can be unlocked by releasing its latch. Pull this latch out to free the wiper blade. You may have to move or twist the wiper to release it from its stand.

3. Pull the Tab Down

Press the tab gently but firmly to unlock and remove the wiper. Do not try to force too much, or something will get damaged.

4. Reverse This Process to Install New Wiper Blades

Follow the same process in reverse to install the new wiper blades. At the end of this process, check to make sure everything is installed and locked in its place properly.

To confirm the new wipers are working after installation, switch them on and see if they are doing their job well. Make sure they touch only the glass and not the windshield frame or cowl when moving. Follow these steps to replace wiper blades properly and successfully.