Does Your Insurance Cover Autoglass Claims In Arizona?

insurance cover autoglass claims in Arizona

Wondering whether your auto insurance cover autoglass claims in Arizona for a cracked windshield? Perhaps you are trying to find out whether you’ll have to pay a deductible or not. If you live in Arizona, your auto insurance policy covers autoglass claims by default.

No-Deductible Autoglass Coverage Rules in the state of Arizona

The state of Arizona prohibits you from driving a car with a damaged windshield that reduce your vision. The law further adds that the windscreen has to be undamaged above the steering wheel.

Well, this is just one aspect of its free windshield replacement law. It also stipulates that all comprehensive auto insurance policies must provide auto glass coverage in Arizona. This means insurance providers will offer you a zero deductible option in this state. As a result, you will not have to pay anything out of pocket for repairing your cracked windshield.

So, what is the idea behind this law? Why has the no deductible coverage been made mandatory? Well, due to the extreme heat of the desert state, windshields get damaged at the drop of a hat.

The sweltering heat of the daytime is followed by extreme chill post sundown. These drastic temperature changes cause severe thermal stress, resulting in major cracks on your windshield.

The rocky landscape is another enemy of your car’s windshield. They subject your autoglass to constant assault, causing small chips on it.

Considering these unique climatic and geographic factors, it has been ensured that insurance cover autoglass claims in Arizona, as they should not suffer due to such extreme climatic condition, which is no fault of their own. Driving with a damaged windshield can be fatal, and the government wants to facilitate a quick and worry-free windshield replacement for all drivers in this state.

What Should You Know if You Want Your Insurance to Cover Autoglass Claims in Arizona?

  • Insurance rates will generally not go up after a windshield claim.
  • Since a damaged windshield has nothing to do with rash driving, your insurance rates will not go up after a windshield replacement claim.
  • However, filing multiple claims per year may indicate that you have a track record of driving in areas with poor road conditions. If that is the case, informing your insurance provider about your predicament will help you avoid fluctuations in your glass coverage premium.
  • Outsiders, such as tourists, short-stay students, and “snowbirds,” may need to pay a deductible on windshield claims, as their respective states’ insurance policies would not follow the laws of Arizona.

To Round Up

If you would like to find out more about a free windshield replacement, contact us. At High Tech Autoglass, we will repair/replace your windshield under Arizona’s zero deductible policy. Remember, a flawless windshield is not just a matter of convenience – it’s a matter of safety. Driving with a damaged windshield is not only dangerous but also illegal. Therefore, take advantage of the state’s zero deductible glass coverage law and get the required job done for free.

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