Does insurance cover windshield replacement?

insurance cover windshield

All auto insurance policies do not cover the cost of car windshield replacement. Even when a policy covers this cost, your insurance provider can still reject the claim for replacement under certain circumstances. Knowing when insurance cover windshield applies will help you file your claim with confidence or avoid filing it if it is rejected.

Which Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement Policy Is for You?

The following two insurance policies cover the car windshield replacement cost.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance Policy

As the term suggests, it is a comprehensive policy that covers a wide range of damages and risks. Still, it will depend on what riders you selected at the time of taking the policy. Generally, comprehensive coverage always supports the claim of windshield replacement. Keep in mind that this cost will be covered when the damage is due to an “act of God.”

Collision Coverage

This policy covers both repair and replacement costs. One important point to remember when taking this policy is that the insurance company will accept your windshield replacement claim only when you have full glass coverage. The replacement cost is covered under this policy if you are at fault for the accident.

If you had opted for a deductible, then you have to pay the deductible amount while the insurance company will pay its side of the remaining amount. A deductible is an amount the policyholder pays as part of the cost.

The comprehensive insurance policy is optional and not mandatory. Car owners can take it when buying a collision coverage policy.

Incidents Covered Under This Policy

You should know that your auto insurance company will cover the windshield replacement cost only for certain events, such as a tree branch falling on the windshield, a baseball hit, a pebble hit while driving, vandalism, and an animal crash. Read your policy document to see which incidents are covered. This will help you know if the incident that led to the windshield damage is covered in your policy.

When Does Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement Claim Get Rejected?

You do not get windshield replacement coverage except for the comprehensive and collision policies. Collision and comprehensive insurance policies are highly recommended if you do not want to pay the high cost of replacing your car windshield out of pocket. Get these policies if your car value is higher than $3000 or is yet to complete ten years from the date of purchase.

Does the Insurance Policy of the Other Party Cover the Cost of Windshield Replacement?

If another car driver is at fault for the accident that led to the windshield damage, then their liability insurance will cover your car damage, including the windshield damage. In such a case, before repairing your car, you should file a claim with the auto insurance company of the other car owner.

Another situation is when a homeowner or renter is responsible for damaging the windshield, and the person at fault has liability insurance coverage. In such a case, you must prove that person’s fault for the damage. For this reason, it is vital to take photos and videos, and gather other evidence immediately after the damage.

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