OEM Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement Tempe

The windshield on your car plays a vital role in protecting you and other passengers. It provides protection from outdoor elements, rain, flying stone chips, and other dangers. When it is damaged, you should not delay its replacement. Its repair is only possible if the damage is not in the glass but in the window frame.

OEM Car Windshield Replacement Tempe services become necessary when the glass itself is damaged. We stock both OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and aftermarket windshield glasses for most car models. Learn about both options so you can choose your windshield from the correct category.

OEM Car Windshield Replacement Tempe Options

As the term suggests, these glasses are supplied by car manufacturers. They get these glasses manufactured by their partner auto glass manufacturing company as per their specifications.

There are high expectations from an OEM product, and you will not be disappointed. The reputation of your car manufacturer is at stake, so it ensures only the best quality glass is supplied to the owners of its cars.

These glasses have very high quality and meet the standards set by the car manufacturer. Best of all, you get a windshield that meets the exact specifications in terms of quality, color, tint, thickness, size, and materials. It will fit nicely in your car’s front windshield window slot without any custom attachment.

Its main advantages include the following:

  • High-quality material
  • Matches the original windshield specifications
  • Recommended and approved by the carmaker
  • It fits nicely in the windshield slot

Aftermarket Car Windshield Replacement Tempe Option

These windshield glasses are manufactured by auto glass makers that do not have approval from the car manufacturers. They make windshields that may not meet the specifications of the original auto glasses. At most, the windshield meets the size specification, but then it may not have the quality recommended by the manufacturer of your car.

However, there is a reason aftermarket car windshields sell in large numbers. In most instances, they serve the purpose well. Their most significant benefit is that they are cheaper than OEM windshields.

Sometimes there are practical issues when car owners are forced to choose aftermarket car parts. Some car models have gone out of production, or you have the car of a company that does not supply windshields in your area. In such cases, aftermarket windshields may be the only option you have.

The benefits of aftermarket windshields include the following:

  • Cheaper than the OEM option
  • Easy availability
  • Features that may not be available in the OEM product
  • Can be fitted at any car service center

Which Windshield Replacement Tempe Option Is Best for You?

It depends on several factors. If your car is a popular model, you can find the OEM windshield for it easily and at a reasonable price. If you have an old, rare, or foreign car model not sold widely, an aftermarket windshield may be your only option. It will fit nicely, and you can find it easily. You will pay less in both product cost and service charge.

We offer both OEM and aftermarket windshields. Bring your car to our service center, and we will help you decide the perfect windshield suitable for replacing your car’s damaged windshield.