Repair or Windshield Replacement in Mesa, AZ

Windshield Replacement in Mesa

Your car’s windshield provides the first line of safety from wind, rain, dust, dirt, sand particles, and stone chips. A chip or crack in the glass can be a severe or minor matter, depending on the spread and depth of the damage. A repair is always cheaper than a replacement, but sometimes the repair option is impossible. The windshield replacement Mesa services become necessary in some cases of windshield damage

How do you determine if repair or replacement is the right course of action? Consult our windshield experts to make the right decision. The following information will help you when faced with this question.

Windshield Repair in Mesa, AZ

Repairing windshields is advised only in a few cases because even a minor crack poses great safety risks. At the next impact, your windshield with a minor crack will be unable to withstand the stress and break quickly. So, when does it make sense to go for the repair?

If the damaged chip diameter is not more than 40mm, you have a chance of getting the glass repaired. The chip should not be more than a blemish. If the spread and depth are so much that it looks like a crack, it is better to go for the windshield replacement Mesa option. Do not compromise the safety of your car passengers.

The benefits of windshield repair:

  • Less costly than the replacement option
  • Quick repair service
  • Prolong the life of your windshield
  • Continue to use the original windshield

When to Go for the Windshield Replacement Mesa Service?

If you see multiple chips, a crack, a hole, or extensive breakage, you should go for windshield replacement. You may also have to choose the replacement option if the glass properties have weakened after years of driving on the roads.

The dusty and sandy areas of Arizona make it difficult to sustain the integrity of windshields for long. You may think sand particles are harmless, but when you drive, they hit your car’s windshield at great speed. Add the speed of wind-carrying sand particles to your driving speed to get the total speed at which the sand particles hit the windshield glass.

Because it happens so often, you can see its damaging effects after several months of driving. The glass will lose its clarity, and its front-side surface will not be as smooth as it used to be. These effects are due to the abrasive sand particles hitting the windshield at high speed. This makes the windshield glass lose its original integrity. It cannot hold against the wind, vibration, and impacts for long.

In such a condition, our windshield experts recommend that you go for windshield replacement.

Advantages of windshield replacement:

  • The new glass meets the impact and force resistance specifications
  • Offers a high level of safety
  • It brings back glass clarity that benefits the driver
  • Eliminates risks that remain present after the repair
  • Improves car’s appearance

Windshield Repair or Replacement

Windshield repair should be tried only when it is a small size chip that looks like a blemish. Once the depth and extent of the damage are greater, and you can call it a crack, hole, or damage, it is better to go for the windshield replacement Mesa options.

We have windshields for most cars driving in Arizona. Our stock includes both OEM and aftermarket windshields. Contact us if you need any help in matters related to windshield repair and replacement. We are more than happy to help you make the right decision quickly.