Replacing Windshield in Winter

replacing windshield in winter

Your windshield has cracked due to an impact. It may be due to an accident or a pebble that hit the windscreen on the road. This is the winter season, and you wonder if replacing windshield in winter is the right idea. The following information will help you make the right decision.

Can You Replace Windshield in Winter?

Yes – windshields of vehicles can be replaced in winter. However, it is not as simple as replacing windshields in other seasons. The main reason is that during the cold season, the glass, like most other elements, contracts.

Another issue is that the sealants used to attach the sides of the glasses to the frame of the window do not set quickly in a cold environment. If you try to install your windshield during cold months improperly, it will fail, and your money will go waste.

This is why you should visit an auto glass center where professional windshield technicians will properly replace the windshield. This professional installation will ensure there is no risk of the windshield becoming loose or cracking due to vibration when driving.

What Steps Are Taken for Replacing Windshield in Winter?

We understand the windshield installation problems encountered during winter, so we have devised the right solutions. The cold environment can force the window frame to reject the glass. The windshield will become loose once you are on the road, and the vehicle experiences normal vibration while driving. We at High-Tech Auto Glass prevent these problems by replacing the windshield in our workshop in a warm environment.

When the vehicle that needs windshield replacement arrives, we leave it for a few minutes in a warm indoor area. Once all its parts have reached the right temperature, we start the windshield replacement process. The sealing resin in this environment sets quickly due to the right environmental temperature.

Avoid Replacing Windshield in Winter Using At-Home Service

As you know, windshields in winter should not be replaced in a cold environment. It will be impossible to create a workshop environment in your garage. Most of the time, at-home windshield replacement service providers do not bother about such matters. Their technician will somehow install the new glass and leave. The problem will occur later once you take the vehicle to the road.

Bring your vehicle to the High-Tech Auto Glass center. Here we create the right environment in our workshop to replace the windshields of cars. Do not waste money on services that fail to protect your investment.

Can You Wait until Spring?

No – you don’t want to take safety risks and drive with a cracked windshield that can shatter even from light impacts and injure passengers. Accidents are often the result of negligence and delayed maintenance of machines and safety features.

Don’t wait for the spring to arrive to get your windshield replaced when professional and affordable windshield replacement services are available from us. Bring your vehicle to our service center to install a new windshield within a few minutes.

We have trained and expert windshield technicians with experience in replacing a wide range of windshields of different car models. Your vehicle will be in the hands of windshield experts who know their job well.

Our service center is fully equipped with the latest equipment. We have the right interior environment for replacing windshield in winter. Call us for more information, or bring your vehicle to the High-Tech Auto Glass center.