Indications that your Windshield’s Not Correctly Installed

Windshield’s Not Correctly Installed

Windshield installation is incredibly important. If your windshield’s not correctly installed it can lead to fracturing and other incidents that require expensive repairs and can even be dangerous.

However, incorrectly installed windshields can be insidious. It’s easy to miss the more subtle signs or even convince you to continue driving with a flawed windshield. After all, it was professionals that put it in, right?

Unfortunately, people make mistakes, including professionals. If they make such a mistake while placing your windshield it can snowball, leading to several issues.  This is why it’s important to recognize problems before they become too severe.

Know the Signs your Windshield’s Not Correctly Installed.

Installing a windshield is an incredibly involved process that requires two technicians working very carefully. While replacing a windshield you’ll notice they wear gloves to protect the sealant from degrading.

The windshield itself should be made of high-quality glass matching your car’s specifications exactly.

1)    Rattling

The first issue you’ll notice if it’s not correctly installed is that when you reach higher speeds it will rattle.

This rattle could be either vibration you physically see or more commonly take the form of a sound. The rattling typically sounds like wind passing through a narrow opening or a clapping where the windshield meets the car frame.

2)    Leaking

Related to the rattling, this issue arises when the sealant doesn’t properly affix the windshield to the frame, or adequately protect it from the elements.

You may notice leakage while driving in inclement weather such as rain or snow. If water comes into the cabin of the car, you know your windshield’s not correctly installed.

3)    A Wavy Appearance

It’s incredibly important that your windshield is even with no signs of blemishes. A wavy appearance in the windshield indicates that the windshield itself is improperly made or that it a mistake was made upon installation.

Bubbles, waves, and other blemishes will lead to further problems. A wavy texture is often a precursor to leakage or even cracks. If you spot blemishes in the windshield, it is of the utmost importance that you tend to the issue with an auto glass technician.

4)    An Okay to Drive Too Early

Sealant and adhesives used to install a windshield takes 3-8 hours to fully take effect. Yes, the adhesive may be dry in that first hour, but it needs that additional time to cure.

Curing is the chemical process where adhesives applied fully crystalize. Crystallization allows it to withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This is incredibly important for safety. If a repair shop or technician gives you the okay to drive before this process takes place, they are not to be trusted.

Recognize if Your Windshield’s Not Correctly Installed

Knowing these signs can save you money and even your life. Trust only the best auto glass technicians to ensure your windshield replacement is installed with the utmost care.

High-Tech Auto Glass has been installing and repairing windshields for decades. Our highly trained technicians know the ins and outs of the trade and will know the signs of poor installation. We will avoid these costly and dangerous mistakes while ensuring the best service.