The Best Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Summer Car Maintenance

A car’s important systems are under stress during the hot summer months. This is the time when you’re taking road trips to escape the heat and visit your holiday destinations. Keep your car ready for these journeys. The following summer car maintenance tips will keep your vehicle in optimum condition.

Brake Maintenance

Always prioritize the safety of the driver and passengers over any other issue. Excessive heat will reduce the effectiveness of your car’s brakes. Regular brake tests are recommended all year round but more so during the summer months and before moving out on a long journey.

You’ll notice poor stopping performance when the brakes are failing. An unusual grounding or squealing sound when you apply brakes indicates they need maintenance, repairs, or replacements.

Check Tire Pressure

Maintain optimum tire pressure at all times, especially during the summer months when the risk of fire blowup while driving increases. The hot roads, high outdoor temperature, and the continuous friction between the road and tires create a dangerous condition. Avoid under or over-inflating your tires. Check your vehicle owner’s manual to see the recommended tire pressure for your car.

Keep in mind – the pressure listed on the sidewalls of the tires is the maximum pressure and not the correct inflation pressure. Make sure the tire treads are still within the safe limit and not excessively worn-out. Check these things with the spare tire as well to keep up with your summer car maintenance goals.

Car Fluids

Different fluids are used in different parts of the car. These fluids include the engine oil, brake fluids, coolant/antifreeze, transmission oil, power steering fluid, differential fluid, air conditioner refrigerant, and washer fluid. Low levels of these can cause problems in the affected parts.

Lubricants help the engine and other moving parts work smoothly. It prevents excessive wear and tear, and increases the lifespan of parts. Follow your car manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines and change the oil after crossing the given mile limit.


Most car owners face problems with the battery during the cold season, but the summer can be as problematic. Excessive heat during the summer months increases oxidation and fluid loss in the battery. Heat is considered a major reason for battery failure. It also reduces the lifespan of the battery. Get your car battery tested before heading out on your summer road trip.

Air Conditioner System

This unit will be used continuously when driving the car during the summer months. When used so much, it’s prone to giving trouble or failing. Its maintenance will prevent many air conditioning issues.

Avoid running your AC at its maximum capacity continuously. You should also avoid frequently running it at full blast initially and then lowering and running it at a very low level. Run your AC at a consistent middle level. If you notice issues like hot interior air even when the AC is running, it indicates this system needs some maintenance or repair service.

Auto Glass Inspection

It should be included in your summer car maintenance to-do list. Do you see some cracks or damage in the car glass? A broken car window will force the AC to work harder than necessary. It creates other problems and risks as well.

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