The Connection Between Windshield Damage and Driver Distraction

windshield damage

The relationship between windshield damage and driver distraction is complicated. Not only can distracted driving lead to a damaged windshield, but any visible damage to your windshield is likely to draw your attention and distract you from the road.

Windshield Damage Keeps Your Eyes Off the Road

Minor windshield damage is one of the most avoided types of vehicle maintenance. Drivers believe that they can get away with driving with what they consider minor damage instead of having a car windshield replacement. In reality, even small cracks and chips are distracting. They often catch the driver’s focus, pulling it from the road. While some drivers might think they’re still looking at the road, their eyes have focused on the windshield itself, making anything beyond it a hazy blur.

Bright Glare From Broken Glass Can Distract

The way that light refracts through and reflects off of damaged glass is unpredictable. Cracks and chips can produce unanticipated and extremely bright glares when the sun hits them just right. These are incredibly distracting but can also cause drivers to close their eyes reflexively. Putting off a truck windshield replacement because you think windshield damage isn’t a severe matter can lead to serious accidents caused by distraction.

Distracted Driving Can Lead to Windshield Damage

Damaged windshields are a significant cause of driver distraction, but far from the only one. Many drivers simply drift off into daydreaming. Cell phone and other device use make up a considerable part of distracted driving, along with trying to eat and drink while driving. Distracted driving can lead to a damaged windshield, as a distracted driver can’t actively avoid situations that are likely to cause damage. Not paying attention to the road could lead to you requiring a commercial windshield replacement.

Not Paying Attention Increases Risk of Rock Damage

Drivers who aren’t aware of their surroundings can end up following the vehicles in front of them too closely. When too close behind another car, rocks and other debris thrown up by their tires can damage your windshield and possibly requiring an expensive RV windshield replacement. Distracted driving can also reduce your ability to avoiding gravel and other road debris that are likely to cause windshield damage.