The Finer Points of Windshield Installation & Repair in Phoenix

Windshield Installation & Repair in Phoenix

What exactly goes into windshield installation & repair in Phoenix? While some repairs present unique challenges, they generally follow the same few steps. The principles that go into a successful windshield installation, although difficult to master, are easy enough to understand. Here’s what’s going on during your windshield replacement.

Removing the Old Windshield and Preparing for the New

Every windshield installation & repair in Phoenix, at least professional repairs, begin with a thorough inspection of the new glass to be installed. While auto glass manufacturers maintain stringent standards, installation technicians look for potential damage from transport and storage. They then carefully inspect the vehicle’s windshield frame for damage, particularly important for collision repairs.

For any car windshield replacement, the existing windshield and trim are removed. Technicians easily remove the trim with a razor utility knife and lift the windshield with suction cups. The frame must be carefully cleaned to ensure the new installation will be successful. Professionals understand how important this step is, while some amateurs likely jump the gun and gloss over proper cleaning.

The Proper Adhesives for Windshield Installation & Repair in Phoenix

The adhesive that holds the windshield to the vehicle is urethane. It provides both a weatherproof seal and powerful adhesion that can handle even RV windshield replacement. Quality windshield installation & repair in Phoenix relies on quality urethane for a lasting and reliable seal. A good auto glass shop will always use premium urethane adhesive to provide the same high quality for every installation.

The technician kneads the urethane adhesive in its tube to make it softer. They then apply the adhesive using a specialized caulking gun for windshield installations. The gun allows the technician to apply the adhesive in a triangular shape in a continuous bead. This shape gives the right spread when installing the windshield, providing a complete seal without gaps.

Aligning and Installing Your Windshield

Properly aligning the windshield is critical. Two technical will work together for this step to make handling bulky windshields easier. This is particularly important for larger format auto glass, like a truck windshield replacement. Improper alignment will lead to a faulty seal and could cause damage at the edge of the glass. Damage in this area will almost always require a complete replacement rather than a simple repair.

Once aligned, the technicians apply gentle and even pressure to the windshield to set it into the urethane adhesive. They then secure the windshield in place using retention tape, temporary tape that will maintain position until the adhesive fully cures.

Finishing Up and Documenting Repairs

There are a few steps left to complete the installation. The windshield wipers were removed beforehand, and the technician now reinstalls them. They inspect the wipers and sprayers to verify their alignment. The installer removes excess urethane from the edges of the windshield. They clean the windshield thoroughly, and many shops offer a water-repellant coating.

All of the information for the replacement, part numbers for the windshield, and lot numbers for adhesives and primers, in case of any issues down the line. Once the minimum curing time has passed, they hand the vehicle back over to the owner. Although the urethane is not fully cured, it has hardened enough for the driver to bring it home. Most professionals recommend minimal driving for 24 hours after a replacement, especially highway driving.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Windshield Installation & Repair in Phoenix

There are a lot of steps during any windshield installation & repair in Phoenix, steps you want to be handled by professionals. The certified technicians at High-Tech Auto Glass know windshield installation inside and out. We use only top-quality auto glass from our OEM suppliers and the best adhesives. With both the experience and the tools to get the job done right, you can count on High-Tech Auto Glass for a reliable windshield installation.