Tips for How To Choose The Right Wiper Blades For Your Car

the right wiper blades

Are you looking for how to choose the right wiper blades for your car. Windshield wipers are one of your car’s safety features. It might not stand out like a car windshield replacement, but picking the right wiper blades is key to keeping you safe on the road. During heavy rain and snow, your wiper blades keep your windshield clear so you can see the road. This is absolutely essential, especially considering that heavy rain and snow are when you need to see the road the most.

When to Choose the Right Wiper Blades

You should be replacing your wiper blades approximately every six months. Many people don’t do this and leave them on until they are noticeably broken or ineffective. This is a poor approach to regular maintenance and could leave these people in a dangerous situation during lousy weather. It is also wise to inspect your blades every so often. Look for chips out of the rubber, and check to see if the rubber has become hard.

Choosing the Right Size

There are many different sizes of windshield wiper blades. You shouldn’t try measuring them. Look up the right size for your make and model of vehicle. This information is in many places. Your owner’s manual will have this information. Any auto part shop will be able to tell you. Large retailers will have books, or interactive tablets, where you can look the wiper size up, right in the aisle. You can also find your wiper blade size through a quick internet search. If you have a specialized vehicle, ask the same place you go to for your commercial windshield replacement.

The Different Types of Blades

Sometimes it’s possible to replace only the rubber blade itself, keeping the same blade assembly. This usually isn’t the case. Most people are replacing the entire body. The two main types of wiper blades are conventional and beam blades. Traditional blades have spring-tensioned frames to press against the windshield. A beam blade has a steel “beam” running through the rubber itself, claiming to offer more even pressure.

Choosing the Right Blades for your Climate

The weather in your area factors into this decision. Conventional wiper blades are the right wiper blades for mild winters or use during the other seasons in areas with bad winters. If you get a lot of rain, wiper blades are available in silicone instead of rubber. For harsh winters, go with a heavy-duty beam blade to blast through heavy snow. If you try to skimp out and crash, you might find yourself needing an expensive repair like a truck windshield replacement or RV windshield replacement.