Tips for Filing a Windshield Insurance Claim

Windshield Insurance Claim

Your vehicle’s windshield is broken, and you wonder if your insurance provider will pay for it. The following tips will help you successfully file a windshield insurance claim in Phoenix, AZ. You will receive the insurance money quickly if you comply with your auto insurance provider’s terms and conditions and file the claim correctly.

First, Check the Details of Your Auto Insurance

Does your auto insurance cover the windshield damage? All insurance policies do not include a cover for this claim. If you did not include the windshield damage rider when buying your auto insurance, you would not get paid for this damage by your auto insurance company.

A comprehensive auto insurance policy usually covers windshield damage. Even then, this policy will cover the damages only in certain situations. Damages due to animal collisions, fire, vandalism, and storms are usually covered in the comprehensive coverage.

Do not think that glass replacement is covered just because your insurance document mentions “auto glass repair.” Some comprehensive policies cover only back and side windows, not the windshield. Check these details carefully before filing your claim.

Contact Your Insurance Company before Heading to an Auto Glass Shop

You should consult your insurance company before repairing or replacing your auto glass. Your insurance company may require you to get these works done only at one of its listed service centers.

Sometimes it may allow you to go to a glass service company not listed with it. This will be done if you are far away from all its listed glass service companies. The insurance company may want to inspect the damage before approving the reimbursement.

Take into Account Your Deductible

This is the amount you have agreed to pay toward the repair or replacement charges from your pocket. Check your policy document to see how much deductible you had agreed to pay. If the repair cost is less than the deductible, filing the windshield insurance claim is not worth it.

At the same time, some policies do not require any payment from deductible and pay the full amount for glass replacement. This type of policy costs more but helps you avoid paying the deductible.

An Insurance Claim Always Impacts Your Premium

Whenever you file an insurance claim, it is counted as a negative point. This applies to auto insurance as well. Your future premium insurance rates may increase when you renew your auto insurance policy.

Filing this claim may not be worth it if the windshield repair cost is relatively small. If you are going to save only $30-$40, it may not be wise to increase your future premium rate by filing a claim.

Get the Windshield Repaired Only at a Specialist Auto Glass Service Company

This way, you will ensure the repair work is done professionally, and only a high-quality windshield is installed in case of a replacement. The glass will be installed according to the standards of your car manufacturer, glass supplier, and insurance provider.

You should know that an auto glass shop in Phoenix, AZ, can file a claim with your insurance provider on your behalf. This will save you from the hassles of filing a claim. Follow these tips to file a windshield insurance claim successfully.