What Is Windshield Hazard and How Does It Affect Car’s Safety Features?

windshield hazard

What Is Windshield Hazard?

Your car is designed not only to transport passengers but also to get all of you to your destinations safely every time. This is possible only when all vital safety features of your car are working. A windshield is an important safety feature of a vehicle. It protects you from environmental and other hazards.

When its integrity is compromised, you become vulnerable to different windshield hazard problems while traveling in your car. Some of these risks can be avoided with timely windshield replacement. We at High-Tech Auto Glass Phoenix, AZ, are here to help you with all types of windshield replacement jobs.

A damaged or loose windshield poses serious safety risks to the car occupants – you will face the following hazards if you drive your car in such a condition.

Vision Obstruction

A damaged, cracked, chipped, and hazy windshield makes it difficult to clearly view the roads, traffic, other cars, and pedestrians. Such a condition impairs the driver’s ability to make a quick judgment when faced with an obstruction or crash. You should be able to see out of the vehicle clearly through the windshield.

Lower Impact Resistance

The windshield plays an essential role in protecting the car’s occupants not only when it is on the move but also in an accident. A damaged windshield will shatter quickly and will not offer any impact resistance in an accident.

This glass is laminated and designed to withstand impacts better than ordinary glasses. The use of this technique prevents the windshield from shattering into sharp pieces. However, if the glass is already damaged, it will break easily. The small flying pieces can harm the driver and passengers.

Water and Moisture Leakage Windshield Hazard

This problem usually arises when the windshield is not installed properly. Poor installation and use of less or poor quality sealant around the glass can cause the rubber gasket to become loose quickly.

Now you will have gaps around the glass from where water and moisture will seep inside the car. Any such condition will affect the car’s sensitive electrical and electronic parts.

High-Tech Auto Glass technicians ensure you never face such a risk. We use the best quality sealants and rubber gaskets to ensure solid and firm fittings of the windshields. Our trained and experienced auto glass technicians install everything correctly and perfectly.

Weak Structural Integrity Windshield Hazard

A windshield may look weaker than the metal body of the car, but still, it plays an essential role in protecting the structural integrity of your vehicle. That will not be the case if it is damaged. In an accident or rollover, the windshield is supposed to offer some resistance from impacts.

That safety is missing if you drive with a damaged windshield. You are at risk of injuries as the roof and windshield frame can collapse easily in an accident if the windshield resistance is missing.

We at High-Tech Auto Glass understand all such windshield hazards. We advise our customers to always drive a car that has good quality and properly installed glasses in the car windows.

Protect yourself and other occupants of the car from a windshield hazard. Keep the windshield in good condition at all times. Contact us if you need any product or service for windshield replacement in Phoenix, AZ.