5 Ways to Take Care of Your Windshield in Winter Months

windshield in winter

how to Take Care of Your Windshield in Winter Months?

Arizona does not see snowy winters, but some freezing conditions can be noticed. Even this cold condition can affect your windshield’s structural integrity and properties. Some basic maintenance tips are sufficient to keep your car’s windshield in winter in good condition.

The cold weather, even when not harsh, can damage the windshield. Be prepared and follow some maintenance tips to prevent your windshield from cracking or getting damaged.

1. Prevent Quick Changing of Glass Temperature

Any sudden change in the temperature of a glass can cause it to crack. Even if you do not see an obvious crack, there may be internal stress that can weaken the structural integrity of the glass. It will become vulnerable to damage even from light impacts.

If your car has been in freezing cold, you will see fog on its internal surface. Do not try to heat the glass directly to remove this fog. Even using the vehicle heater’s “defrost” option directly can create problems. The advice is first to let your car run for 5-10 minutes before starting the defroster so make sure you avoid getting locked out of your car when doing this.

2. Use Fresh Air When Running the Defroster

In place of keeping all doors and windows of your car closed when running the defroster, leave one window open, so fresh air is pulled in. Now the defroster will use fresh air to defog and avoid circulating the interior air that will keep getting hotter if the car is closed from all sides.

This will help clear the fog properly and safely without damaging the window glasses. This may be sufficient in the Arizona climate to get your vehicle’s windshield in winter ready so that you can drive.

3. Keep Your Windshield Clean

Dust and dirt that gather on the windscreen retain more moisture and keep it longer. This moisture during the freezing condition of the night will make the windshield quite cold. It will take longer to remove the moisture and fog from the surfaces of the windshield. Keep the windshield clean of dust and dirt to prevent this problem.

4. Repair Chips in Time

Chips not too large and deep can be repaired. You will avoid problems in winter if your windshield does not have chips and pits. These depressions should be fixed in time before they create more trouble. They weaken the glass’s integrity and can be especially harmful during the winter months when the lower temperature will stress the windshield.

5. Use the Climate Control Button

Your car may have this button to remove the fog on the inside surfaces of the car window glasses. This fog forms on these surfaces when the outdoor air is cold and dry while the interior has more humidity from the breathing of passengers or the presence of moisture.

At last use your vehicle’s “recirculation” climate control button to defog the windows. Do not let the fog become an annoying and frustrating feature. Remove it easily and quickly with this simple system already present in your car.

High-Tech Auto Glass is ready to handle all windshield repair and replacement tasks. From simple chip repair to complete windshield replacement, we offer full-service solutions. Take care of your windshield in winter – contact us if you need any windshield repair or replacement service.