Windshield Pit or Chip

Windshield Pit or Chip

Windshield Pit or Chip

You are on the road, and the truck ahead of you spits a pebble that hits your windshield. The little rock strikes hard and leaves a mark. Is it a windshield pit or chip? You should know because your car windshield replacement might depend on it.

Understanding the type of damage can help you decide the next step to keep your car in optimal shape. And why not? Save you a buck or two at the auto shop.  

Windshield Pit or Chip?

Technically, both a chip and a pit are structural damage on your windshield. So, what’s the difference? A pit occurs when a small rock or flying object impacts the barrier but does not break through the first protective layer of glass. Pits usually are safer damage as they do not expand or get bigger. It takes a much longer time for them to extend the damage to the point of replacement.

Chips, on the other hand, occur when the impacting object breaks through the first barrier of glass and creates an air pocket inside the windshield. They are the common cause of cracks and tend to expand much faster. Chips are responsible for all kinds of annoyances when driving; view distortion, distraction, unbearable glare are just a few. They normally imply that you will need a full replacement.

Any of these two types of damage to your windshield means that sooner or later, you will have to pay a visit to your preferred auto shop to change it. A skilled technician can easily assess the issue and indicate the proper course of action. You should not make these decisions without consulting with an expert first.

Truck windshield replacement might require more specialized labor, but this service is commonly available in the city or on truck stops and gas stations near highways.

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