What things are Involved in a Windshield Repair?

windshield repair

Let a Professional Weigh in on Your Situation

Are you looking for What Is Involved in a Windshield Repair ?The first step to windshield repair is an evaluation of the damage. This is when you really want a professional, as their years of experience will let them choose the right solution for your specific windshield damage. They’ll also know when you need a car windshield replacement or truck windshield replacement, instead of a simple repair.

The Damaged Area is Carefully Cleaned

If your windshield is repairable, the first step is to ensure the damaged area is clean and free of loose glass. Any dirt will become stuck inside during the windshield repair process, weakening the glass and potentially obscuring your vision.

The Unique Resin Allows for Windshield Repair

The repair of most cracks and chips requires the injection of the curable resin. This resin is transparent, just like glass. It is injected into the crack or chip, filling it completely. The curing process involves UV light. Without this technology, a chip repair would take days instead of minutes. When done correctly, it produces a seamless repair and leaves a smooth surface. This process stops the damage from spreading any further. The glass is then polished so that every customer leaves with a sparkling windshield.

Deeper Damage Calls for Further Steps

Repairs become more complicated if the chip or crack is deep enough to have reached the vinyl layer between the two panes of glass. If this is the case, the technician must drill away excess material to ensure that resin can adequately fill the damaged area. The damage this extensive often calls for a full replacement, especially with larger windshields in the case of a commercial windshield replacement or RV windshield replacement.

Replacement Process for Windshields Damaged Beyond Repair

A windshield replacement is a much more intensive process than these repairs. The body of the vehicle surrounding the windshield must be covered to avoid any damage during the process. They cut the seals around the windshield and remove the windshield from the car. This leaves the frame exposed. The next step is to prime the edge, preparing it for the new adhesive. The technician then quickly inserts the windshield into the proper position before the adhesive can cure.