best Windshield Replacement Company in Phoenix
At High-Tech Auto Glass, we’re proud of the over 15 years we’ve spent providing reliable windshield replacement and windshield repair services to Phoenix and surrounding areas.

best Windshield Replacement Company in Phoenix

​Up To $300 Cash Back

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At High-Tech Auto Glass, we’re proud of the over 15 years we’ve spent providing reliable windshield replacement and windshield repair services in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

We’re the industry leader when it comes to windshield replacement Phoenix. Our experienced technicians can handle car, commercial, truck, and RV auto glass repair and replacement.

When you find yourself saying “I need my front windshield replaced”, call us right away to receive a free quote within minutes. We offer same-day and next day service. We’re experts at dealing with insurance providers – in many cases, our customers pay nothing and can receive up to $300 with a qualifying insurance quote.

Best Windshield Replacement in Phoenix

High-Tech Auto Glass is dedicated to taking the stress out of having your vehicle’s windshield and windows repaired or replaced. We’re here to make sure you’re satisfied by providing some of the best prices on windshield replacement Phoenix and Maricopa County have to offer.

To maintain our standards of excellence, we employ certified and experienced technicians across Phoenix and the surrounding area and stock only the highest quality auto glass products for our auto glass services. With the best in experience, knowledge, tools, and materials, High-Tech Auto Glass is ready to serve you with the best windshield replacement Phoenix can offer.

Lifetime warranty for windshield repair
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Get Up To $300
​Cash Back!

Call Us Today – 480-702-2888
Same Day Or Next Day Service Available. ​

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Call Us At 480-702-2888
​Our team will collect information about your vehicle.

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​​We will contact your insurance for you!  Then we will directly bill insurance providers, no money down required on replacements. 


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We will schedule an appointment for you with one of our High-Tech
Auto Glass Technicians.
Same Day or Next Day Service are Available.

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We replace your Windshield & You receive your

cash back
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*Front Windshield
*Back Windshield
*Front Doors
*Rear Doors
*Front Vent
*Rear Vent
*Rear Quarter
*Sun Roof
​*Moon Roof

At High-Tech Auto Glass, we’ve handled windshield repair Phoenix AZ for over 15 years. In that time, we’ve built up a solid reputation for providing the best service in Phoenix, Maricopa County, and the surrounding areas. All of our services are handled by our licensed car tech auto glass technicians. We’re committed to keeping our customers fully satisfied and providing a carefree auto glass repair experience.

Come to High-Tech Auto Glass for your windshield replacement in Phoenix, and we will live up to our reputation as the most trustworthy auto glass company across Maricopa County.


Is Insurance Covers Windshield Replacement?

Arizona is a zero-deductible state when it comes to windshield replacement.

 Windshield Replacement in Phoenix are integral to your vehicle’s safety. The state of Arizona has enshrined this fact in its insurance regulations, designating windshields as essential safety equipment.
Under Arizona Statue 20-264, insurance companies must include repair or replacement of windshields in comprehensive policies, with no deductible at all.

Repairing or replacing a cracked windshield is often a significant expense. Figuring out if your insurance will cover this expense after an accident is difficult if you aren’t familiar with insurance law. We can help you find out your windshield replacement cash back legal options.

Call now at 480-702-2888 for a free estimate!

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Trusted Windshield Replacement Partners

High-Tech Auto Glass works with top manufacturers to provide cheap windshield replacement in Phoenix with the highest standards of quality.

Windshield Replacement in Phoenix

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We’re proud to offer one of the best warranties in the industry because we stand behind the highest quality materials and original products we work with.

Call us today to get a free quote and see how you can receive up to $300 winshield replacement in Phoenix Cash Back.

*Your vehicle, insurance provider, and type of glass selected will affect your cash back eligibility and amount if you qualify.

High Tech Auto Glass – Windshield Replacement in Phoenix –  Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I Need a Windshield Replacement?

Lightly damaged windshields can often be repaired instead of being replaced. It might be tempting to push repairs as far as you possibly can, but sometimes you really do need a replacement. If the chip or crack is right on the edge of the windshield or directly in your line of sight, you’ll have to replace the windshield. Chips that have spread to 3 inches or more across will also need a full replacement.

Why Can’t I Just Drive with a Damaged Windshield?

Driving with a damaged windshield is always a bad call. Damage within your field of vision will make it harder to see the road, increasing your chance of a collision. Your windshield is a structural component of your car. If you’re in an accident with a damaged windshield, it won’t be able to function properly. Force won’t be distributed as intended during the collision, putting you at higher risk. During a rollover, your windshield bears significant weight – without it, you’re at risk of having the roof collapse.

How Can I Avoid Damaging My Windshield?

Preventative driving methods are your best bet to keep your windshield in pristine condition. Stay a reasonable distance behind vehicles, especially larger vehicles. Most chips are from rocks, the further you are from the car in front of you, the better. Be extra careful in the winter, when shifting temperatures can weaken your windshield.

What Do I Do If My Windshield Breaks When Driving?

Driving with a shattered or severely cracked is extremely dangerous, get off the road as soon as safely possible. We can help you get your vehicle to us for a quick and reliable windshield replacement Phoenix. Replacements can often be done in as little as 30 minutes, helping you get back on the road faster.

Do You Do Chip Repair?

Yes, we can repair any chip that isn’t big enough to warrant a full windshield replacement. We use the latest windshield repair techniques to fill chips with a specialized material that fills the chip perfectly and matches the surrounding glass. You won’t even be able to tell where the chip was afterward, and the process restores your windshield’s strength and stability.

How Long Do Repairs Take?

Our certified technicians have experience replacing and repairing a wide variety of windshields. They are familiar with all types of vehicles and can get the job done reliably and quickly. Most repairs are done in less than half an hour, with some more complex or severely damaged cases requiring up to an hour. We pride ourselves on getting your day back on track as soon as possible.

Are You Certified IN windshield replacement?

High Tech Auto Glass is a member of the National Windshield Repair Association, and we are committed to upholding the standards of that organization. We are in full compliance with their laminated auto glass repair standard and their windshield repair certification program. We provide our customers with nothing but professional service.

Can You Come to Me?

We have the tools and know-how to offer a variety of mobile glass services. If you’re having scheduling trouble, we’re able to send our technicians to you and perform repairs and replacements on-site. We offer this service all over Phoenix and the surrounding areas, so please give us a call today, and we’ll set up an appointment.

What Areas Do You Service for windshield replacement?

We’re proud to provide windshield replacement Phoenix AZ. We serve Phoenix, and all of it’s surrounding areas. Whether you’re from Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Sun City, Apache Junction, or anywhere nearby, we’re here to help you when you need windshield repair or replacement.

I Need My Front Windshield Replaced, Will You Have the Windshield for my Vehicle?

We maintain an extensive inventory to ensure fast service for all of our customers. We have windshields in stock for most vehicles on the road today. For those that we don’t have, we have well-established relationships with quality auto glass manufacturers and can order in any windshield as soon as possible. We can also source windshields for specialty vehicles, RVs, and classic vehicles.

What About Large and Commercial Vehicles?

We provide repair and replacement services for almost every vehicle on the road today. Vans, fleet trucks, semis, RVs, we can do it all. Our technicians have the experience necessary to handle these specialized repairs and replacements. Please call us today, as some replacements of this nature might require ordering in specialty windshields.

Does High-Tech Auto Glass Guarantee Their Work?

At High Tech Auto Glass, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service. Our certified technicians have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. We also only work with the best auto glass manufacturers. We stand behind our work and offer warranties on parts and labor that show it.

How Are Your Prices in windshield replacement ?

We work efficiently to give our customers quality service at an affordable price. We’re proud to be a part of Phoenix and the surrounding areas and do everything we can to be their best windshield replacement company. In many cases windshield repair and replacement can be covered by insurance, let us know about your situation and we can contact your insurance provider to find out.

What About the Deductible?

Windshields are a critical part of your vehicle’s safety infrastructure. The state of Arizona recognizes this and requires that insurance providers charge no deductible on windshield replacement claims. If you’ve been in an accident and your replacement will be covered by insurance, you will likely have no deductible to pay. With High Tech Auto Glass, you could even leave with cash in hand if you qualify for our up to $300 cashback offer.

Wait, I Could Get Cash Back on my windshield replacement ?

If you’re looking for cheap windshield replacement Phoenix AZ, you can’t do much better than getting cash back. We offer qualifying customers up to $300 on windshield replacements. If your windshield replacement is going through a qualifying insurance claim, we will give you up to $300 in cash. You pay no deductible and walk out with a new windshield, $300 richer. Let us know the details of your situation, and we will contact your insurance provider to determine if your claim qualifies.

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Windshield Replacement in Phoenix

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