Windshield Replacement Process

2018 Chevrolat Colorado

Windshield Replacement Process

Our windshield replacement process is designed to ensure a seamless and effective transition to a new windshield for your vehicle. With our expert technicians, you can expect a step-by-step procedure that guarantees safety and quality.

First, our skilled technician will meticulously prepare the new windshield for installation. This involves careful inspection and protection of your vehicle’s interior to prevent any damage or debris during the process.

Next, the old seal is expertly removed. Our technician will skillfully cut around the old windshield seal and eliminate any residual material. This ensures that the new seal will be robust and long-lasting.

The new seal is then meticulously applied. This includes applying a primer material to the windshield frame of your vehicle and a strong urethane to the new windshield itself. These components are crucial for a secure and durable bond.

The installation of the new windshield is a precise task. Our technician employs suction cups and specialized tools to ensure that the windshield is placed accurately and securely without causing any harm.

After the installation is complete, our technician ensures a thorough cleanup. Any debris from the removal and installation process is diligently vacuumed, leaving your vehicle clean and safe both inside and out.

With our high-quality, fast-curing seal material, your vehicle will be ready to hit the road in as little as half an hour. We prioritize your convenience and safety, making sure that you can resume your journey without delay. Trust our professional windshield replacement process for a swift and reliable solution.