5 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Windshield Was Not Installed Correctly

windshield was not installed correctly

Windshield installation is not a trivial task and is best done by professionals. If your car’s windshield was not installed correctly, it might prove to be a threat to your safety. Let us tell you why.

Windshields are vulnerable to high pressure and easily get chipped, cracked, or shattered. If you fail to address the damage early on, there is a good chance of it just falling out of its position. Just imagine this happening when you’re driving at top speed, and well, you can guess the rest.

Considering the dangers of it, you will definitely like to be on the lookout for signs of a botched-up installation job. Here we discuss five signs that you should take seriously.

Hearing Strange Sounds at High Speed Means the Windshield was not Installed Correctly

As a car rolls out on the road from the showroom, its windshield is fitted snugly into its frames. This makes the interior airtight. As a result, the windshield neither shakes nor rattles. Contrarily, when it gets slackened, wind enters through the gap, and as a result, you will hear a whistle-like sound as the car moves at high speed.

The Windshield Appears Wavy When You Drive

If you notice disorientation and incorrect angles while driving, know that your windshield was not installed correctly. Such damage can impact how you view the road through the glass, which may be dangerous. This problem also occurs when scrupulous installers fix an inferior glass while replacing the windshield.

You Notice Water Seepage Around the Edges

Seeing water dripping down the edges of your windshield just after a replacement work is pretty shocking. If you notice something like this when you start the wiper during rains, know that your mechanic has goofed up the installation.

Also, look for those tiny water droplets – they are elusive, but they also are the outcome of leakage. These faults happen when your installation is handled by a novice, inexperienced technician.

You Detect the Presence of Old Adhesive Around the Windshield Frame

Why should you bother if you find adhesive residues on your windshield framework? Because the substance is allowed to stay in the frame long after the installation work is done, it will weaken the support, and eventually, the glass will fall out. Weak adhesion may make the windshield come out of place even after a small impact.

Chips and Cracks Appearing Out of the Blue Indicated Improper Windshield Installation

Often incompetent handling of the windshield, use of low-quality adhesive, and less than adequate curation time weaken the windshield from within, and cracks appear soon after the installation. Even if you repair the crack, it will likely come back again in a short while at the slightest impact.

In worst cases, such chips and cracks may result in the complete shattering of the windscreen.

One Last Thought

Never underestimate these five warning signs if you have a reason to suspect that your windshield was not installed correctly. Prevention is always better than cure. Avoid the risk of poor windshield installation altogether by partnering only with a reputable windshield repairing company such as High-Tech Auto Glass. After a thorough assessment of your car, they will recommend the repair that your vehicle needs.