Can Windshield genuinely Shatter from the Heat or not?

Windshield Shatter from Heat

Rocks and dirt particles present in the air are not the only threat to your car’s windshield. High temperature can be particularly harmful to the general health of your car, including its windshield. Intense heat causes your car glass to expand, making it susceptible to cracks and breakages.  As the temperature soars, these fine, almost undetectable cracks and chips spread rapidly. If the damage is allowed to persist in no time, your car’s windshield may shatter from heat.  As they say, prevention is better than cure, and by following just a few simple steps, you can ensure that the windshield in your car remains summer-safe. Never underestimate the extent of damages that extreme temperature can cause to your car; they might leave the windshield beyond repair in no time.

The windshield can shatter from rapid changes in temperature

When it comes to heat-induced damages, a sudden and rapid change in the temperature, from intensely hot to extremely cold or vice versa, can also affect the integrity of the glass, weakening the windshield from within.

Here are a few tips to keep your windshield protected against heat extremes as well as sudden temperature fluctuations:

Avoid leaving your car under the sun; always look for cooler places to park

This is your first step to protecting your windshield against extreme heat. When you’re home, your car can rest in a covered garage. Then it will not be a problem. The real problem arises when you have to leave your vehicle in the open for hours.  Although finding a shed is often a big headache, you must try your best to find one. A shaded spot can help to minimize exposure to direct sunlight. That, in turn, will prevent heat-induced expansion and, later on, the contraction due to the release of the heat.

Avoid blasting the air-conditioner as soon as you get into your heated-up car

It’s natural to feel tempted to crank up the AC temperature as soon as you get into your car on a hot summer day. Get rid of this habit at all costs as this leads to a sudden change in temperature, impairing the integrity of the windshield glass.  Gradually lower the temperature, instead.

Never use hot water to wash your car

Pouring hot or warm water on your car’s windshield is no less than a step to murdering it. Hot water causes the already existing chips or cracks to grow, finally making the windshield shatter. No, it’s not okay to do this, even on a chilly morning. In this context, let us tell you one word of caution: when you are washing your car on a hot summer day, let the first gush of water flow by. Since the plumbing lines are directly exposed to the sun, the first water that comes straight out of the hose may be boiling hot.

If you do not want your windshield to shatter from heat, never allow the heater to blow on the glass

This is our final tip to protect your windshield from breaking.  In the colder weather, open the vents by your feet while running the blower instead of allowing the warm air to come from the AC vents that will hit the windscreen directly, causing the cracks to intensify.

If you have detected cracks or chips in your windshield, do not get anxious. You have plenty of time to prep your windshield before the summer kicks off. Let skilled technicians at High-Tech Auto Glass repair it before it’s too late. We are just a call away – just get in touch with our reps and schedule an appointment. Do not wait for the problem to worsen.

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